Notice Inviting Quotation for OAT Painting Works and Tree Trunk PlatformDownload19/05/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Construction of Platform with rain shed alongwith plumbing connections for Bio -Toilet near Sewage Treatment Plant-IDownload06/05/2022
Corrigendum 1Download13/05/2022
Expression of Interest for Empanelment of Vendors for supply of print books and periodicals (Print + Online) to NID AssamDownload23/02/2022
Corrigendum 1Download21/03/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Annual Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System Installed at National Institute of Assam, Building’sDownload09/02/2022
Corrigendum 1Download25/02/2022
Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply and Installation of Equipment for Screen Printing LabDownload17/01/2022
Corrigendum 1Download27/01/2022
Corrigendum 2Download09/02/2022
Notice Inviting Quotations for Bio-Toilet with inbuilt Bio Digester Tank Capacity and Urinal with inbuilt Bio Digester Tank CapacityDownload10/01/2022
Corrigendum 1Download02/02/2022