Textile & Apparel Design

Textile & Apparel Design focuses on inventive approaches to the development and realisation of contemporary textiles and fashion. The structure of the course allows technology and skills to inform the design process and foster creativity. Students on this journey encounter the entire spectrum from natural fibre and materials to exploring the latest in 3D surfaces and fibre technologies (pattern and texture). Our curriculum is intricately intertwined with the study of the indigenous techniques and technology and a thorough understanding of local resources.

Key Courses

In ​​ Textile and Apparel Design, students relates the physical properties of textiles to basic human needs for functional and fashionable clothing and home accessories and in the development of textile and fashion concepts and products, including their fabrication and presentation.

Textile Semantics

Examine  the communicative qualities in textiles which inform the generation and exchange of meaning between the textile practitioner and the viewer.

Fashion Architecture

Pattern making is an art that forms a relationship between flat pattern pieces and 3-dimensional garments. Learn the techniques of advanced pattern making and draping to achieve structures and fits of more complex designs.

Garment Construction

It involves the application of all the fundamentals of apparel making- Pattern making/draping and sewing techniques, as well as material handling- marking, pinning, basting, trimming, pressing, stabilizing.

Smart Textiles

Smart textiles are able to sense stimuli from the environment, to react to them and adapt to them by integration of functionalities in the textile structure. 

Colour, Material & Finish

Course focuses on the chromatic, tactile and decorative identity of products and environments.


Acquire the knowledge of costumes, accessories, visual merchandising and quality control in the garment industry.

Students work

Students have understood various design theories and have implemented them in their on-going projects