Meta platforms are becoming an important aspect of today’s life.

By customising your avatars and selling them to the creative economy, digital goods will emerge as a significant form of self-expression in the metaverse. Although it is not yet known how many people would react or would love to spend money to outfit their avatars in designer attire, considering the rising demand for purchasing digital clothing and assets through many other platforms, it is safe to predict that this business has a bright future. Applications like Snapchat have features such where the avatars can be custom made with different hairstyles, skin colors and textures providing different apparels and accessories options from different brands. Even the very demanding games like Battle Ground PubG have given the players options to buy digital garments of their own choice to dress up their avatars and characters. They also provide various skins and packs for the gamers to represent themselves to the audience.

Showcasing a few of the digital garment design and explorations done by the students of NID Assam, Textile and Apparel Dept.

Course anchored by: Kimberly Manners, Faculty & Dibyendu Nag, Design Instructor