Typography makes language visible and readable. It is like the swatches of fabric in the domain of Publication and Visual Communication. We at NID Assam looked at it as a Design learning tool to understand the nitty gritty of Letterform and their intricacies. It is a journey of sensitizing young eyes to see the differences between myriads of Typefaces available in this world and make them use in proper context. Clarity and consistency is one of the major concerns that we are nurturing among students while disseminating messages by using Typography. Besides the technical aspects of Typography, there is a beautiful world of expressive typography where aesthetics is more important and hence we practice Calligraphy as well in the journey of Typography. Last but not the least, here we try to celebrate Indian diversity of Languages. So, practicing different regional languages from different parts of India is another fun exploration our students go through.

Course faculty: Mr. Titu Mili, Communication Design