As a student of design when I would show my design concept to my teachers each had a view:

Teacher 1
Looks at the work and says “maybe…I don’t know..yes! hmmm.. maybe possible…” and smiles.
Dealing with Intangibles & Ambiguity

Teacher 2
“where are the lines defining the form going?”…stretching his arms spanning the view in the window says, “everything is a composition”.
Design Principles

Teacher 3
“how will a left handed person use it!”
Empathy, Usability

Teacher 4
Look at the work and would instantly start drawing 10 variations of a specific detail in the design (in your orientation across the table)
Creativity, Exploration, Multiple Options

Teacher 5
With only a glance” how will it be made?”
Manufacturability, Cost

Teacher 6
“Who and why will somebody buy this?”
Customer definition, Value Perception

Teacher 7
“Some how it doesn’t justify…why!”
Context & Need

Shared by: Prof. V. Ravishankar, Director, NID Assam