डिजाइन आधार

The one-year Foundation Programme introduces students to the fundamentals of design and helps develop ways of perception, aesthetic sensitivity, understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of design and relationship of design with human senses and emotions, culture, environment and ecology. Basic design studio courses are augmented by introductory studies in Humanities. This allows the students to develop a world view, understanding of the Indian milieu and the sociocultural context for Design to operate. The varied inputs over two semesters provide the necessary direction, stimuli, facilities, and experience to foster creativity and thereby help everyone discover their own identity and potential.

Key Courses

In Foundation Program, students learn ​the essential preparation for entry into our Degree programmes in Industrial Design, Communication Design and Textile & Apparel Design. The programme focuses on building creative thinking, research and drawing skills.

Analytical Drawing

Analytic Drawing is a traditional style of pencil-and-paper drawing to precisely constructs 2D projections of 3D shapes using the rules of perspective.

Colours & Composition

The plan, placement or arrangement of the elements in a composition in reference to the principles of design, as well as understanding the colours.

Material & Methods

Understanding of properties and dimensions of the  basic materials and adoption of material theming and concepts to explore real-world design.

 Geometric Construction

Geometric constructions module focuses on the study of shapes, sizes, relative configuration, and spatial properties.

Science & Liberal Arts

Aimed to deliver knowledge together with logical reasoning and critical-thinking skills to understand social interaction and human behavior.

Design Process

Understanding the fundamentals of design is the first step to creating cohesive and harmonious visuals. Design is made up of basic elements built into a structure that communicates a message. 

Students work

Students have understood various design theories and have implemented them in their on-going projects