You always wanted to be that next successful entrepreneur. To start your entrepreneurial journey, you need a trademark, a catchy tagline, some colors, typography, and bunch of marketing collaterals in your bag to announce your arrival to the world. The question is…how to go about this?

A good branding elevates a business and builds recognition and loyalty. Brand design is one the first and foremost practices of the branding process and hold quite an important value as a part of the overall branding strategy.

Objective of this course module was to prepare students with a mindset to be an entrepreneur and create their own company for services or products they wish to build in the near future. The entire process was driven by the self belief translating into brand archetype and finally arriving at a brand tone and voice. Students explored both business relevance and visual system to brand their vision of being an entrepreneur. 

Course Faculty: Nitin Vishwakarma, Communication Design

Explorations by students

Project: Svago studio as a company enrich players life by creating memorial and fascinating experiences.

Project: Nirzar Wellness Retreat focuses on promoting Health and Wellbeing through physical, psychological and spiritual activities that are conducted on its sprawling campus.

Project: Tanni, In a world of fast paced modern living, Tanni aims provide comfort, warmth, safety and a sense of belonging to others.