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Design is a creative, analytical and a holistic human centric process leading to a meaningful and desirable outcome. Design learning is a hand on minds on engagement - experiential, reflective and developing objective and subjective sensibilities. The design pedagogy at NID Assam is learner centric, explorative, experimental, inclusive, people centric, collaborative. It strives to hone each individual to be build expertise in design, inculcating a sensitive, empathetic, creative, visionary and innovative thinking approaches. The culture of education at NID Assam is rooted in the Indian ethos with a universal outlook and focuses on designers’ responsible role in the society.

The Bachelor programme in Design begins with a two semester Foundation Programme, which is followed by 3 years of specialised studies in any of the B.Des disciplines offered. The Foundation Programme is the basis on which the remaining design curriculum is built.

NID Assam offers B.Des* in Industrial Design, Textile & Apparel Design and Communication Design:

Industrial Design: is an amalgamation of new concepts, processes and approaches in object-user design both physical and digital in the current and future modern context. The design projects thematically relate to the context of the local, social, cultural, environmental perspective which is the current mandate for a sustainable futures. The program gives the students an opportunity to explore a vast canvas of possibilities in new age domains bringing global technology concepts to satisfying local needs based on human centric research, design leading to potential tangible and intangible solutions.

Textiles and Apparel Design: focuses on inventive approaches to the development and realisation of contemporary textiles and fashion. The structure of the course allows technology and skills to inform the design process and foster creativity. Students on this journey encounter the entire spectrum from natural fibre and materials to exploring the latest in 3D surfaces and fibre technologies (pattern and texture). Our curriculum will be intricately intertwined with the study of the indigenous techniques and technology and a thorough understanding of local resources.
Design projects interventions may include new age concepts in improving everyday life at home, work, public spaces and making interactions convenient, user friendly, adaptable and inclusive.

Communication Design: is an ever evolving discipline. It focuses on a balance between the timeless rooted foundation areas and subjects of the new far reaching global advances. The discipline functions under two main divisions; the pragmatic and the narrative. The former that envelops sub disciplines of Interaction and User experience Design, and the latter that envelops a stronger hold on direct Storytelling and Narratives.
The campus located in Assam, the North Eastern region of the country, has great potential to serve globally as well as locally. The region is a boon to the Institute and vice versa. The disciple aims to heighten the sensibilities of the students towards the environment and diverse cultures to achieve a stronger social connect.

* further to the passing of the resolution in the Governing Council to rename the Graduate Diploma Programme in Design to Bachelor of Design in reference to the NID(Amendment Act) 2019 and INI status of NID Assam.


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The objective is to seek evidence of the perception, attitude, aptitude, achievement and motivation essential in a potential design student.
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